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What was this Transperth bus driver thinking? | Video

A Transperth driver managed to get a bus stuck on an off-road track near Greenfields on Friday.

It’s understood the bus turned onto Fiegert Road, headed south from Lakelands Road, in Barragup when it went past a “No through road” sign and onto a 4WD track.

The bus managed to make it several metres through soft sand and even a large puddle before it got stuck on an incline.

Transperth mechanical contractors were sent out to assess the bus and help with the recovery effort.

“No through road”.
Photo: Google.

With photos of the bus posted on social media and the tracks frequently used by locals, it wasn’t long before a crowd gathered.

Some cheeky onlookers decided to sneak past Transperth contractors and set off the bus’ fire extinguisher.

According to some locals, Google Maps says the road goes entirely through but it’s not the case.

A Transperth spokesman said the bus was out of service and was “headed back to the depot” when the driver missed a turn.

The spokesman said Google Maps redirected the driver down Fiegert Road, but the map “didn’t tell him it was unsealed”.

The spokesman further explained the driver was unable to make a U-turn before he hit the soft sand about 4pm.

“Bit embarrassing for the driver,” the Transperth spokesman said.

Fiegert Road is an uncompleted stretch often used by locals as a shortcut to get from Barragup and Nambeelup to Greenfields and Stake Hill.

The stretch connects Pinjarra Road and Lakelands Road and is only achievable by 4WD.

An off-road recovery vehicle had to travel from Perth to come and pull the bus out.

The team managed to get the bus out just before 10pm.

The Transperth spokesman said the bus driver is still employed and would not face any action from the company but any disciplinary action taken by the driver’s contractor was unknown.