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Woman wakes up residents sleeping during suspicious house fire in Mandurah | Video

Vision: Skeer Media for 9 News Perth.

A woman has risked her life as she ran into a burning home to save more than five people in Mandurah on Friday.

About 9:15am, firefighters rushed to the suspicious blaze at the Cooper Street property after smoke was witnessed billowing from the roof.

Skeer Media understands up to eight homeless people were asleep in the house at the time.

Suzanne Garratt said she and her colleague ran inside the burning house to help.

“We both just ran into the house and started getting [everyone out],” she said.

“There were quite a few people and lots of bedding on the floor.

“Everybody was still asleep.

“We were banging and screaming at them.”

Ms Garratt further said some of those in the house tried to run back inside the house.

“All of a sudden there was just flames everywhere and the people came running out,” she said.

“We just kept reminding them not to go back in because they wanted to get their stuff.

“They were bewildered.”

One homeless man living at the house David Sansoni said he paid to stay in a caravan at the back of the property before those who rented the home fled and left the place a mess.

It’s alleged the home was previously rented by a couple who invited some of Mandurah’s homeless population to stay at the property.

Mr Sansoni had a deal with the homeowner.

The deal was that if Mr Sansoni cleaned up the property, he could allegedly rent and live at the home.

Mr Sansoni said he was asleep in the home when the fire started.

“I was asleep when someone shouted out ‘fire’ there was thick black smoke,” Mr Sansoni said.

“I just grabbed the dogs and what I could.

“I was cleaning it up for the owners, in a deal that I was vowed to get the house at the end of [it].”

Police deemed the fire as suspicious and cordoned off the property as an investigation was conducted.

Those staying at the address were allowed to return several hours later to collect their belongings.

The homeowner, a man from Perth, was assessing the property on Friday afternoon.

He told Skeer Media the whole situation was just an embarrassment.

“You let people live here and they say they’re going to clean the place up and then this, a fire,” the homeowner said.

“The home is insured but look at how these people live, it’s embarrassing.”

The Department of Fire and Emergency Service estimate the damage to be more than $10,000 dollars.

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